Saturday, 1 March 2014

Seizing the Present

Photo Credit: Cookieater2009
As the saying goes, ‘What goes round comes around.’ It is true that in relation to time seasons come and go: the sun rises, sets and rises only to set again; and our birthdays and anniversaries come and go. Unfortunately, this recurrence does not mean restoration of spent time. Actually, it is an indication, and should be a tell-tale sign of the swift passage of time.

Today, we live in a fast-paced society where everything, powered by technology, is increasingly becoming instant: ATMs, POS terminals and Internet banking have made the transfer and use of funds easier; the internet used on different platforms (phones, tablets etc) have made information available in different formats and at amazing speed; using hybridized seeds and animals, scientific researches have discovered, and are still discovering ways to enhance food production without 'wasting time'.

Unfortunately, our crave for instant gratification has succeeded, not in helping us make the most of time, but to neglect or abuse the present - where we are, is the place we are least likely to be. We have become so fast-paced, because we are easily bored and eager to move to the next best thing, that we fail to see that the present brims with significance.

What is the significance of the present? It is primarily, the opportunity for introspection, to make informed plans and wise decisions concerning relationships to form and maintain, and ventures to give ourselves to and spend our time and resources on.

I need to explain that by seizing the present, I am not prescribing existentialism or the fatalism of eat-drink-and-be-merry-for-tomorrow-we-die lifestyle. Neither am I saying seize the present because of a lack of hope for the future. Instead I am saying make the most of today, never losing sight of tomorrow. Let the hope and promise of tomorrow decide what you pour yourself into today.

"Where, except in the present, can the Eternal be met?" asks C.S. Lewis. He believes, and I agree, that God is always nearest to us now. Since God is the one person I cannot do without, and He is closest to me now, I'd be a fool not to spend my always with Him.

What does seizing the present mean to you?